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1. Disassemble and remove wheel and hub. Remove the old boot omega replica sale and its clamps. Carefully clean the shaft and the CV joint. 2. Check that the mounting cone is smooth and without any rough surfaces. Lubricate the external surface with grease or using the proper lubricant pouch.
3. If the CV boot is intended to be fitted on a longines replica wheel-side joint reverse it and lubricate its internal part with grease or with the proper lubricant pouch. 4. Put the larger diameter of the CV boot on the top of the cone and the larger rolex replica sale diameter of the cone (the base) on the joint.
5. Push the CV boot firmly until it pops over the cone. 6. Remove the cone and reverse the boot onto the correct side if necessary. (This applies for outer boots).
7. Lubricate the joint using the grease included in the hublot replica uk kit. Let the boot slip on the joint and adapt it. Fill the CV boot with the remaining grease. 8. Fix the CV boot using the tightening clamps and cut the excess cartier replica sale parts using scissors or a cutter. Re-assemble the wheel and the hub.
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