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Product Information
Millennium CV-Boots Products Product Range
The Millennium CV-Boot product provides the professional with real advantages that make a huge difference.

Millennium CV-Boot Kits
The Millennium CV-Boot is the most versatile, durable and reliable drive shaft boot available.The Millennium CV-Boot   offers the following significant advantages:

Universal Application
One size boot fits 100% of the passenger cars and SUVs.
Aimed specifically at the light commercial vans and four-wheel drive sector, the Millennium CV-Boot will fit 100% of applications including Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Acura, Honda, Toyota and Subaru.

Labor and Time Saving
The Millennium CV-Boot can be fitted without the removal or dismantling of the CV joint or drive shaft. This method of fitting saves invaluable time and increases productivity.

Quality Performance
The superior compound ensures longevity regardless of extreme weather conditions.

The Millennium CV-Boot offers a LIFETIME guarantee against the premature failure of their product. Some conditions may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions
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