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Millennium CV-Boots
The Millennium Steering Rack boot is versatile, durable and reliable. It offers the following advantages:

Alternate Millennium Steering Rack boot picture Applications
The Millennium Steering Rack boot fits the majority of steering racks, but most importantly applies to both power and non-power assisted steering racks. The breather tube enables fitting to models with power assisted steering.

Cost Affective
The Millennium Steering Rack boot can be fitted without removal or dismantling of the track rod end. Utilizing our remarkable rubber compound and fitting tools, the boot is stretched over the track rod end.

The superior compound ensures longevity regardless of the conditions. For models with non-power assisted the breather tube is plugged with a suitable bolt.
Millennium Steering Rack boot offer a LIFETIME guarantee against the premature failure of their product.

To the owner of the repairing facility
Millennium Steering Rack boot advises before replacing a steering rack boot to thoroughly inspect the end, shaft and general condition before the fitting procedure is commenced.
Any signs of premature wear of the track rod end generally require replacement. We advise fitting the correct OEM component in conjunction with the Millennium Steering Rack boot for a long lasting repair.

Fitting Guidelines - Steering Rack Boot
Millennium Steering Rack boot fitting guide lines only apply to the Millennium Steering Rack boot.

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- Attention should be paid to the condition of the track rod end and related parts for wear, damage or possible replacement.
- Clean from excess of grease and wrap around the entire track rod end with electric tape. (This will ensure that during installation the Millennium Steering Rack boot will not get in touch with any sharp surface).
- Apply bearing grease on the taped surface.
- Feed the Millennium Steering Rack boot over the track rod end.
- If necessary trim off any excess.
- Locate and secure the boot on the steering rack using the clamps provided.

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